iPhone 5s battery drain questions....?

Oct 13, 2012
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I have a few questions regarding my iphone 5s and battery drain.

I will just give some examples and see if this is normal.....?

I uploaded IOS 8

Phone is fully charged in the morning.

I browse safari, facebook and check emails for aprox. 2.5 hours a day.

The rest of the time its off. I do not make tons of calls or listen to tons of music. When I do those two, the battery seems to barely lower.

I am thinking that surfing the web, facebook, and checking emails should not drain the battery daily to only have a few % left at the end of the night.

So all those hours Off is the standby time correct....?

I only have wifi on when home
I have LTE on. I have tried it off and only use 4G, but dont see a ton of difference there.
I have auto brightness off most of the time as its too bright most of the time and I like it slightly duller.
I double click the home button and often delete the apps that were open

I have looked up all the power saver tips, but just feel that there is something I am missing.

Got the phone aprox. March of this year.

Hope you guys/gals might be able to give me some other tips or point out something I may be missing.


When you say "it's off" what exactly do you mean? Some applications, particularly those that use the GPS, like Facebook, when pushed into the background but left running in memory, continue to access that GPS function, which consumes power, obviously. TO see what's running in the background, double click on the Home button and you will see all the applications that are consuming memory and possibly power. To shut them down, flick them up until they disappear.

And occasionally it's good to power off the iPhone and reboot it. I called Apple about my 5s suddenly having shorter battery life and that was their suggestion. To my surprise, it actually worked! Apparently my memory had gotten fragmented somehow, so the CPU was busy shuffling things all around. A reboot defraged the memory and all is well.

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