iphone 5 won't charge

Apr 28, 2010
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Plugged my iphone 5 into my macbook to charge. Macbook was already on it's charger. Got the message that my iphone was drawing too much current so unplugged it and plugged into the AC. At no point did I ever hear the charging chime so started thinking my charger had bit the dust. I went and got my daughter's charger but alas, still wouldn't chime or show indication of charging. After a bit I tried it and screen came on while still plugged in. I started to listen to a voicemail and it died again. Gave it some time to charge and tried again. Wouldn't come on. I held the on/off button for a moment and it showed the charging screen with a very narrow red line of charging and indicated that it was plugged in and charging. Tried it a few times but no change. Left it plugged in overnight, tried it this morning but still only getting the red thin charging indication and that it is plugged into the charger... even while not plugged into charger and still doesn't come on.

Is this the end of my i5?


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Jan 23, 2008
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Keller, Texas
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Very likely the battery has either died or has drawn down and refuses to be re-charged. Time to change the battery. Take it to you nearest Apple store and let them do it. You can arrange an appointment from this website. It will cost $79 to replace the battery.

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