IPASS SFF-8087 / MiniSAS to 4 discrete sata connectors

Feb 1, 2010
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Hello, I have been looking for someone who has a SAS/SFF-8087 (minisas) to discrete 4 sata cables with more length than the 3ware and Supermicro which are 19"/.5M. I have re-wired the internal drive bays of my mac pro to a pci/e Raid card, so now I am looking for a cable to allow me to connect multiple ssd drives to the original on-board (2008) mac pro sata controller (via the minisas connector on the mac pro mother board). I know I can extend the 2 on-board (ports 5/6) but they don't allow the ability to boot Windows from them. I have also been told that the don't have the same performance as 1/2/3/4 ? (any truth to this, I doubt it, but again, who knows?)

I've already managed to get 2 drives into the empty 5.25 bay above/below the ide dvd-burner, and the other 4 onboard internal drive sleds connected to my areaca 1222 raid card. Unfortunately, I want at least 1 Windows 7 bootcamp for playing games, so I need to find a way to re-use the original Mac Pro onboard sata ports (which use a mini-sas port under the plastic junk). Since I will be using a custom mount (good ole double sided sticky tape) that allows me to mount 3x 1.8" Runcore Pro IV SSD drives to the wall of the PSU behind the dvd cage (there is space between the wall of the psu and the side cover when mounted that is plenty of room for the small 2.5" or 1.8" ssd's with double sided tape, the cover actually fits perfect and creates a nice space that cradles the drives in the gap.

anyways, appreciate any help finding this cable, I can find them all day long if your happy with .5m or 50cm or 19" on the discrete cable length, anyone know of any twice that length?

Thanks again.


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