iPad2 affiliated with 2 Macs?

Feb 11, 2009
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I have an iPad2 and a MBP and a MB Air.

I am selling the MBP, which is what I use to access my iPad2.

Can I just plug the iPad2 into the MB Air and use that computer as its host (don't know the actual word I would use there, sorry)? I read the Apple Support page, and it says you can but it only talks about managing music. Is that all that needs to be taken into account.

I would of course just try it, but the MB Air is abroad with the wife for a few days and I am closing a deal on the MBP before she gets back.
Jun 13, 2011
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This is the method i would use.

First of all, this works if you have iOS 5. If not, you will need to use a different method. Or update to iOS 5.

I would transfer my music, videos, etc. to an external disk. You are going to want to do this anyway if you are moving to a new Mac.

I'm pretty sure all your apps, settings, etc can be backed up to iCloud (this is where iOS 5 is necessary). At any rate, you can always re-download your apps if this doesn't work for some reason.

On the new computer (the MacBook Air) you will want to restore your iTunes library from the external disk you made earlier (there are instructions on Apple's website for backing up and restoring using this method).

Then, simply re-sync your iPad to the new computer. It will tell you that everything is going to be erased and re-synced with what is on the new computer, but that is OK, since everything should be the same as what was on the old computer.

Be sure to de-authorize the old computer in your iTunes account so that you will free up the authorization for the new computer. This will help you avoid any DRM issues with video or older iTunes music that still had DRM. You will want to do this anyway since you are selling the computer to someone else, along with wiping the drive.

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