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Mar 20, 2012
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We bought two new iPad Air 2s and have a problem.

The 3 foot cord that comes with the iPad is too short for our purposes, so we bought two 6 foot ones. Neither one of them would work (we just get a message saying something like "This device is not campatible, etc." The seller sent us two more cords, and they were the same. These cords were wrapped in braided nylon.

The seller sent us two more cords that were white, and look just like an ordinary Apple cable. These work, sort of. If the iPad is charged in a range of 30 to 50% they will charge normally, but will only charge to about 95%. if the charge state is less than 30%, or more than 60%, we get the message and the iPads won't charge.

In cases where the charge is less than 30% we have to dig out the Apple supplied 3 footer and charge them that way.

Power recycling the iPads does not make any difference.

This is not earth-shaking, but it is a pain to keep track of. Has anyone else encountered this prioblem?


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Jan 23, 2008
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Apple devices are designed to be charged and recharged from the supplied cables that are included with them. Third party cables and cords if purchased from suppliers who deal with Apple will usually work the same as the Apple supplied cable or cord. I have purchased items from Mac Sales and Monoprice which have always worked.

I would return those charging cables to the supplier as they might actually damage your iPad Air 2.

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