IP Address for VPC XP in Company LAN



Hi all,

I have just installed XP in my PB12" with VPC 6 and wanted to do "windoz up dead" (windowsupdate.microsoft.com)

Here is the problem:
I connected the PB to my company LAN. The PB (OSX) is assigned an IP address by DHCP server. Everything is fine up to this point. I could access the internet using safari.
Now, I am going to XP inside VPC and set the same proxy address in the IE, try to do the "windoz up dead" and could not get thru. I was wondering so I check the assigned IP in the XP LAN connection and found out that the IP address is different from the one assigned to OSX. XP has 192.168.something and OSX has 15.79.something (15.79.something is company LAN's assigned IP, which is correct).

Question, anyone can tell me what could have been wrong with the settings?
Should both OSX and XP have the same IP address? I mean, aren't they sharing the same IP address?

Thank y'all for any respond.

billitone :rolleyes: :D

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