Iomega backup procedure- old laptop to new

Feb 13, 2015
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I used my 2007 MacBook to death, literally. I backed up regularly. Now how do I do a brain transplant, from the old MacBook to the new MacBook Pro?
In the first pulldown menu, there is "Burn Iomega HDD to disc..." and "Duplicate". What do they do? I called Iomega and the guy was not exactly helpful- he said, "It's very simple, it's just a storage device, it stores stuff, and I'm not Mac support." Okay, but I thought since the purpose of the device is to recover my data if my machine croaks, that it would have a clear function where I can transfer my old information to a new device. That's just me though, and I have crazy ideas like that all the time. Will one of those options throw everything onto the new laptop? Of course, I'm reluctant to try anything at random and wipe everything out.

In the pulldown menu I can click "Open" and navigate through the folders, going like this: backups.backupdb>My computer>Latest>MacIntosh HD> which has in it folders named Applications, Library, private, System, and Users, where there's a folder in it with my name on it, but that doesn't seem to have much, just random folders. My main concerns are restoring my old iPhoto library, and all my old documents- any tips? And is there a way to restore all the old bookmarks from different browsers? THANKS!
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