invalid email error

Dec 12, 2005
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Often when I enter an email address in a form on a web page I will receive an error message asking me to enter a "valid" email address. This happens for a variety of forms on a variety of web pages. Usually I'll try 3-4 different email addresses but they all get rejected as invalid.

On the other hand, sometimes the entered email address 'does' work fine. So it's an unpredictable situation where it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

The only common thread in the process is the computer I am using. It's a Mac OS X (version 1049) with a Firefox browser (version 15011). Does this have something to do with the Firefox browser? Also, I use the default Mail program that comes with Mac OS X. I don't have any problems when directly using the actual Mac Mail software, just these email address rejections on internet form pages.

Note that when I enter the email addresses I take care to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or extra spaces in the email address field.

Having said that, what's going on? Thanks for any insight.

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