Internet Security issues - re: PG2

Aug 20, 2008
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New here, found the forum on Google. Have been circling it for ages but now have some issues. I couldn't find a folder for Internet Security issues so I put it here.

Do we have any PG2 whizzes here? Recently I started using PeerGuardian for Mac OS X. I wasn't sure how to use I but had read some forums. It is a security Beta for IP blocking and spyware. I opened PG2 and opened the List Manager. There was a list there that you click "active" to URLs you add to the list, and "Allow Std" to let them in. I unclicked Allow Std for some URLs I added to this list which blocks them.

I opened the Log and saw a list of the URLs being blocked. So if I'm doing this right, any spyware or snoop cannot see that I am on site X or Y. That I am exchanging important files i.e., photos or iTunes etc.

I hope I made that clear.

Rob :Oops:

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