Internet connectivity problems.

May 24, 2007
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Alright, at home, things are fine.

i go to a friend's house, and the only internet there is the neighbors that theyre okay with him using, its not security protected, so he gets on just fine with his toshiba windows laptop.

My problem is that i can't get a website on my mac, any windows based laptop hooks up just fine.. but not my mac..
it connects, i show full signal, but when i go to safari or firefox, i get no websites, it doesnt even attempt to load the site either, as soon as i press refresh (while is in the address bar) it jumps to the screen that tells me its not connected to the internet just the same as if im not connected at all.

i can't really go ask the neighbors to reset their router and let me check settings on itor reset it... "hi, i'm a friend of your neighbor and i want to borrow some bandwith too!" ...right.
the problem is obviously in my computer since all windows laptops can hook up with no problem.

any ideas?

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