Internet Connection Sharing with windows PC



Hey there all, i've just ordered an eMac off ebay, and it should be arriving any day now. Its my first mac, and from what i've read on the forums, they're pretty good peices of kit!! But i do have one question...

in my house we have 3 other windows XP PC's, one of which has out USB2 Broadband modem. At the moment they are sharing the internet connection given by the pc with the modem.
My question is, will my eMac be able to share that connection (running OS X Version 10.3.4) with the other PC's.

any advice welcome

Mac Apple

I gotta set up a network for 6 in september (Im the only mac), there should be no problem hooking up to the net with it, Im guessing that the modem must have a router or something to connect all those pc's so just connect to it using an ethernet cable.



Before I had a wireless card in my PC laptop I used to have my iBook connected to my wireless network and then I would share the internet from the iBook over an ethernet cable to my PC laptop. Worked fine. I even had port forwarding for my P2P progs.

Macs are amazing. Lets see your PC do that!!!

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