Internet Connection Dropping with Yosemite

Mar 23, 2010
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I have problems connecting in Yosemite over wifi. Here are the facts:

1. Pinging router always comes back fine and quickly through repeated pings.
2. Pinging outside source like sometimes drops for sometimes minutes at a time.
3. iPad and windows 8 computer on the network work fine.
4. The Macbook hasn't had this problem on other networks.
5. MTU was at 1300 (fix for VPN issue), moved it up to 1453. Think that helped a bit as return trips to are a bit faster.
6. Pinging outside IP address also drops, so most likely not name resolution problem. (like IP address
7. Tried removing network preference and config files and rebooting.
8. Tried different DNS servers (but as I say doesn't look like name resolution).
9. Not currently physically able to test a wired connection (no adapter for new macbook pro).

Anything else I can check here?

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