Interested in becoming an Applecare reseller

May 12, 2007
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I bought a macbook, late last spring, off one of the first factory runs- which was a mistake, just on principle, however, in the 6 months that followed the computer had to have the motherboard, heat synch, keyboard and harddrive replaced, yes , under warrantee, but with great heartache by Apple in terms of addressing thes problems in a timely fashion; where it was at was that there were tens of thousands of others with the very same problems with their macbooks.

Well, my Macbook is finally stabilized and I'm appreciating it!-- However my 1st year so-called "complimentary" applecare expires on 6/26 and I'm scared witless to be without the extended applecare warranty for even a day.

I am underemployed right now, and need to keep my expenses down.

I see a number of individual resellers of Applecare online(ebay, etc), and wonder how I can become one, and hopefully be able to earn the money to at least pay for my own. Anyone know about this?

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