Interactive 3d for iDevices?

Dec 9, 2011
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Our company has been developing interactive training content for desktops for almost a decade now, and have recently started making the jump to mobile devices. Most of the folks at the head office are mac users, so our first apps are being developed for the iPad.

Traditionally, our content has been 2d animation and video, but one of our current clients is asking if we can create an interactive 3d model of their product, to be included with the next app. The interactivity with the model will be simple: You can rotate, zoom, and, when tapping on certain parts of the product, information will display about that particular feature.

When I was first pitched this, I recalled that, around a decade ago (the last time I was asked to produce such content,) we used a platform called "Cult 3d." Unfortunately, it looks like Cycore/Cult 3d might not even be in business anymore- and it certainly hasn't produced a version compatible with mobile devices.

I'm currently wading through google, trying to find a more contemporary solution to developing interactive 3d content for the iPad and related devices, and am meeting with limited success.

I know this sort of interactivity is possible, as I've seen it in certain apps on both iOS and Android.

Any advice on where I could find such a product? (It would be additionally helpful if it was compatible with 3ds MAX, which is our current 3d platform.)

Thanks in advance for any help ya'll could provide.

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