Intel iMac Microphone Volume/Skype Issues

Apr 5, 2007
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Hi guys -

Please advise.

I have a 24" core2duo iMac, purchased about 1 month ago.

I conference with my buddies on skype during some online gaming, but it seems that every time I adjust the microphone input level down in the system settings, it automagically boosts itself up - while i'm on conference! I literally can blast out the eardrums of my friends...

Here's how it usually works. I calibrate the microphone under speech settings, and then adjust the input volume down to its lowest level. I jump on the Skype conference. I ask my friends if the volume is reasonable. They say "Yes" until right before my eyes, the input volume slider bar "walks" up to increase the volume while i'm talking! They then scream in pain from a ruptured eardrum.

Does anyone have any similar issues like this or any advice for me? I'm seriously thinking about putting chewing gum over the microphone...and wondering if thats the only fix.


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