Installing windows without original dvd

Sep 9, 2011
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Hi. Dont let the title mislead you. In my universty we can use windows xp sp3 integrated for free. I downloaded to my mac as an .iso file. so after that i did 2 things.
1) Burning the .iso file completely to a cd (678 mb and cd capacity is 750 mb) like, when you put the cd on and look inside, you will see the .iso file. not the contents. than partitioned my disk using bootcamp 3.0 and then clicked start installation but it says no hard disk, you know, the black screen. so the setup file cannot be read from the cd i guess.
2) second thing i did was to burn the CONTENTS of the .iso file to another cd and again, partition my disk with bootcamp 3.0 and same stuff happened. so i am lost now. what is the solution? or is there and solution? thank you
Mar 4, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
Unibody MacBook Pro 2.26, 4gb RAM, 500gb HD
You don't want to burn the actual iso file to the disc. You want to burn the image contained in the iso file to the disc. Burning the iso file is like eating a candy bar while it's still in the wrapper.

Mac Tip: How to burn an .iso or .dmg file to disc

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