Installing Panther on iMac DV



Hi there,

for those of u what are still figuring how to install the Panther onto the iMac DV, here is the remedy.

1) check you firmware (bootrom) version
2) update to 4.1.9 using iMac firmware updater 4.1.9
3) note that if you have macos 9.0.x installed, you need to upgrade to Mac 9.1. Downloadable for free at
4) make sure you download the version correctly (for most non US resident, you probably need to check your locale before download. A whopping 72M for international english version and I downloaded 3 times before getting it right)
5) once firmware 4.1.9 is installed, installing panther is a matter of following on screen instruction.

Hope the helps to solve the mystery

M'sian Mac Man

Deep Release

[COLOR=005252]What if you've run through that checklist, and when you go to boot off the Jag Install Disk 1, you get a flashing question mark folder, followed by a boot of 9.2?[/COLOR]

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