Installed Vista Ultimate on my Mini

Jan 12, 2007
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MacMini 1.83/1.5gRam/120gHD
I wanted to add Vista to my assortment of computers and when I got down to the specs, my Mac Mini was the most up to date and powerful computer at my house (a 3 year old 2.4 mhz Compaq and a 800 VIA chipset). Anyway I cringed at the thought of adding Vista to my "virgin" moni, but decided to blaze forward anyway.....

I now have a new appreciation for the current batch of Apple vs. Windows TV ads. Getting Vista on with Boot Camp was a snap, no problems (even Boot Camp just works). When I actually started using Vista, I can't tell you how many times the message "An Application needs permission to do something yadda yadda..."

I just makes the Ads so much funnier. PC, Mac is asking you something, do you wich to answer accept or deny.

After a few weeks of playing with VISTA, I may decide to take it off my Mini, but in the mean time it is humorus to see a hal hearted attempt to recreat Mac OSX.

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