In Iweb photo page cannot use TEXTBOX?

Jul 20, 2008
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In Iweb photo pages -- when you click on your thumnails to view your larger images -- you can allot a large amount of text space to describe the photo -- only problem is that there is a horrible hand written font available that seems permmanent and cannot be changed. A quick cure would be to add a text box of any size desired and use all the fonts and colors most suitable. You can do this - except for only one very bad problem that occurs - any text you add in the box -- stays on the page -- no matter which photo you click to. It is a permanent fixture - that even trying to use the Back one command - the text is not dedicated to any one photo -- it appears as a layer on top of everything.
I can still use the photo text as is = but it sure looks amaturish.. and totally bad!!
Can a text box be used in a selected photo -- and follow it only?
Or is there a way to change the handwritten font in the photos template?

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