Importing mailboxes on freshly reinstalled OS

Oct 18, 2011
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Hi, I hope someone can help with this, I've trawled many forums already and can't find this issue mentioned.

I have a Macbook Pro running 10.6.8.

I had to reinstall my OS as it was migrated 3 times already since about 2005 and has carried over bugs and all sorts from previous computers.

I saved everything separately to an external drive, did an erase and install, and have been transferring over one by one. Everything is operating just beautifully now, except Mail :(

I saved User~Library~Mail to an external hard-drive called Rama.

On my computer, I used File>Import to import:
Rama~Mail~Mailboxes - it said "No valid mbox files were found".

I then tried:
Rama~Mail~Mailboxes~a mailbox folder - it said "No valid mbox files were found".

I then tried: Rama~Mail~Mailboxes~a mailbox folder~.mbox file - it said "No valid mbox files were found".

Then I copied over all my mailboxes (everything in the folder named Mailbox which included both .mbox files and folders containing .mbox files) from Rama to the Mailboxes folder on my computer.

This led to the mailboxes all appearing in my Mail, but all were empty (the messages are still all present in Rama).

I am so far aware of one mistake I made, which I really hope is not the key because I can't do anything about it now - I did not copy over the mail preferences file.

Can anyone help me get my mailboxes back? I'm a diligent filer and all the important and live correspondence from my various projects are filed away in these mailboxes and it's driving me nuts having to find them in Rama each time I need to access them.

Thanks, Jo

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