Importing Emails from Tiger to Snow Leopard

Jan 22, 2010
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I would like to transfer email files from a G5 Tiger computer to a Mac Pro Snow Leopard computer.

I have saved the G5 email files such as .mbox and Info.plist, as well as .emlx files within a Messages folder. I have placed these files within the Library-Mail-Mailboxes folder alongside newly existing emails within the Mac Pro.

I have had some success with the transfer. The email folders on the left side of the Mail Window have appeared within the Snow Leopard Mail program (version 4.2 1077). However, the original emails from the Tiger OS have not appeared within the individual folders. These are the .emix files within the Messages folder, although I can open these individual emails directly from the Messages folder.

Any tips on how to transfer the emails into the individual folders within the Snow Leopard Mail program is greatly appreciated.

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