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Jan 16, 2004
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New Jersey USA
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G5 DP 1.8 160 Super Drive 17 " Display
I posted this in the OS X but maybe it is better here. I have just switched and trying to import my addtess book from Outlook Express. I understand that only a Vcard of LDIF file can be imported. So I exported Outlook to Netscape which makes a LDIF file. I saw that there were 20 contacts. I opened Address Book on the Mac and tried to import but it said that there were no contacts to import. It didn' t give me an import box or what file to import.
I am also having problems viewing the files on my PC. It is hooked thru a hub. I can see the C drive which is shared but when I try to drill down to other folders when it comes to Application Folder it stops as if there were no other folders.
I am trying to import 1750 pictures from the PC to the MAC using the same folder names.

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