iMic HELP!!!!!



I got an iMic for my iMac and when I plug speakers into it the quality isn't anywhere near as good (almost no bass, volume is lower) as my stock Mac speakers. Granted the speakers I used aren't great quality but I don't remember them sounding so bad on a Windows PC. Is this just how the iMic is gonna be or are my stock Mac speakers just better than I think they are? I ordered some Creative 300 watt 2.1 THX speakers and I was hoping the iMic would make them work. Tell me the quality won't be so bad with them.


I've had just the opposite experience; the sound quality is much better and the volume slightly louder when the (budget) speakers are run through the iMic instead of the sound jack.

Since the iMic is truly plug-and-play there is nothing to adjust. Be sure that the iMac is plugged into the computer and not a hub. Try a different usb port to see if that makes a difference. If not, try to exchange the iMac, perhaps the one you got is defective.

Good luck,

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