iMac really slow wifi!

Oct 6, 2011
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Hello everyone I am having a major problem with my iMac.

The wifi is extremely slow on it, it's connected just fine with no problems but it's slow.

What I noticed is that when I first connect it's perfectly fine loading sites for the first couple seconds. Same thing when I restart the router.

The wifi is perfectly fine on all my other computers/ idevices including my iPad (which I am using to type this) so it's not a router problem.

I'm guessing it's connectivity problems.. I hope that my airport is not broken on my iMac... It was working fine for a couple months...

Anyways, here are the options I have tried :
- Setting dns to an open dns
- manually entering dhcp and stuff
- resetting the pram
- restarting the router/ reseting it
- changing wifi channels and names AND passwords
- deleting the preferences file in system config

I am going insane trying to fix this, apple support is asking 50$ for help so thats not an option.

My only guesses are that the router config is the problem or something with my wifi settings

Please help, thank you.

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