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iMac on TV - HDMI vs. 3-RCA cable

Mar 29, 2010
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sorry if this was answered somewhere else, but my searches didn't bring anyghing up...

I want to bring my iMac Screen on the TV.

There are different ways to that: first, via VGA-calbe, then 3-RCA-component-cable, then HDMI cable.

I tried two of them myself: HDMI and VGA-cable.
HDMI works fine, I can use the TV as second monitor and run my monitor and the TV with different resolutions. Great.
VGA just lets me see a copy on the TV and the resolution is less.

So, did anyone try this via 3-RCA cable? I don't want to buy and return the third set of cables and adapters...

My question would be: can I use different resolutions there or not? That's the most important issue for me.

Thanks for any help here!


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
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The quick answer is No. The $5-$10 VGA to component adapter cables will not work.

It will require a converter box. The converter boxes under $100 have extremely limited output resolutions and would likely require a converter in the $250 range to do what you want and would likely offer nothing you're not already getting via HDMI.

A better question would state what it is you are actually wanting to do along with the info requested here.

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