iMac Networking issue. Please help.

Apr 14, 2010
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Hello Mac peoples.

Currently our small web video production team has ran into an issue with networking. We have an iMac and two MacBookPro's all connected together. The iMac is connected to our hard drive farm and the two MacBooks use the connection to the iMac to transfer files to the externals. The problem is for seemingly no reason the two MacBooks can no longer connect to the iMac. The problem seems to be with the iMac since the MacBooks can still connect to each other. Also, the iMac is sluggish when browsing the sharing options in preferences and when browsing the sharing folder. We think it is because the two MacBooks are trying to connect. We can connect by typing in the ISP of the iMac but our transfer rates suffer severely.

So I come asking for help. Please let me know your suggestions and if you need more info from our side just ask. Thank you.

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