iMac mini-dvi->HDMI HDTV, doesn't work

Feb 7, 2010
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I'm stumped! I've been using PCs, laptops and Macs for a number of years. I am trying to connect my Pioneer PDP-5070HD (HDMI input only) to my Intel 20" iMac. I would like to view my iTunes purchased movies with friends and don't want to sit in my office.

Details about the equipment:

-has mini-dvi
-Leopard 10.5.8

-I bought a mini-dvi->HDMI converter from amazon. It came from Part number AG124852DVIZ,

-Pioneer PDP-5070HD
-According to Pioneer, it's resolution is 1365x768

I have connected external displays before, and it is straightforward. When I connect the TV and the iMac together, the iMac does the "auto detect" thing and the iMac screen briefly turns blue. However, I can't "see" the TV in the system display preferences, nor does the TV display anything. To sum it up, after auto-detect, I have regular iMac screen working, but no external monitor working or any place that I can edit the settings of the external monitor.

If I turn the TV off, or change it's input port, the iMac DOES seem to notice that it is either present or not present, but I still can't see anything on the TV or anything in the display preferences.

Things I have tried:
-"Detect Display" button - no change
-changing the resolution of the iMac and re-selecting the appropriate input on the TV - no change
-booting the iMac with the TV connected - no change
-tried downloading ConfigDisplayX, but it doesn't work so well with 10.5.8 ;-) so that didn't work

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? I have tried doing various searches online (and here), and it sounds like people are doing this fairly easily and regularly. I feel like an idiot ... but I'm sure I've done my due diligence!


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Dec 22, 2006
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Texas, where else?
Your Mac's Specs
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You may need to use VGA with that TV. There are a few sets from 3-5 years ago that just won't display a PC signal through HDMI. The owner's manual for this Pioneer does state that PC signals are not supported. Most of the time, that just means they didn't test it with a PC and they don't support it. Sometimes, it means it will not transmit the EDID info in a way that a PC can understand.

You might give SwitchResX a try - check page 72 of the owner's manual for the HDMI resolutions and frequencies supported. But even that is not going to work if you can't get Displays preferences to recognize the TV.

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