iMac, G5 or Powebook!?



Hi Guys

I think this is the place for me.

I've used Macs on and off for 10 years and have finally had enough with PCs - but that's another story.

Anyway, I'm looking for a Mac to be used as an everyday machine (bit of photo work, bit of video editing, bit of music creation, web design, WP etc) for use in my home office (aka the kitchen).

I have to balance power, with portability (due to my young daughter who would destory a brand new G5 by sticking toast in the superdrive) , with cost.

I'd love a G5 and Studio Display and my budget will stretch to this - but it's not very baby-friendly having to get it out and set it up every time I want to use it, and stow it away from jam-covered fingers when I don't. Also it's not very portable - but it's **** powerful...

Then there's the top of the range Powerbook. Powerful-ish, VERY expensive and not exactly a comfortable thing to work on for long period (I'm tall and always get back ache working on laptops). But it is very portable,,,,

Finally we have the iMac. It's relatively powerful (I currently edit videos on a 400Mhz G4, so I'd notice the difference), easy to put away/take out and, according to some very impressive back-packs I've seen, could theoretically - if absolutely necessary - be portable-ish.

What to do!

I'm not neccesarily looking for definitive answers, more constructive pros and cons of each machine and their suitability. I'm especially interested in hearing from anybody who might have thought of something I've missed for/against one of the options.

Thanks in anticipation,
Jul 22, 2003
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since you are trying to keep this thing away from the kiddies the powerbook does seem to be perfect. the only time that your height should really be an issue is when you are using it on your lap but on a desk in the kitchen it should be fine. the powerbook lcd has excellent visibilty and plenty of flexibility to tilt it the way you want
Jun 11, 2003
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Mount Vernon, WA
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I agree with trpnmonkey. Even if you accidentally left the powerbook out as long as it is closed and your baby, your human one :), does not drag it off the table onto the floor.. it really isnt going to matter why type of fingers your kiddie has it will be easy to wipe off and there really isnt anything external that could really be ruined that easily. And it is extremely easy to put away of course. And again like trpnmonkey said if it's on your lap then yeah you might have some back problems, but if you put it where you would be putting your G5 or iMac then you shouldnt have a problem at all.. and there are risers also that will lift your powerbook off the table so it's a little higher.

I work on a powerbook, it's what I run my company off of and it goes everywhere with me and everywhere I go there is usually some surface that I can place it on when I am working.. and if not.. it's worth it to me to have a bit of a sore back since I got some work done.. while tugging your iMac or G5 along to the doctors office.. is just not really going to be a feasible alternative.


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