iMac G5 hard drive stuff to new iMac

Mar 5, 2010
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I have an older 17" iMac G5 that recently decided to not turn on any more. I found out it was the logic board (which easily costs $700+ to replace), so I just bought me a new 21" iMac last week.

However, my LIFE was on the other iMac (mostly all my music throughout the years). Is there any way I can transfer all of my things when the oldie wont turn on? :p

Any reply would be helpful!


Well, you COULD re-rip from your original CDs of course ... if the originals were ripped at a lower bitrate, this is a golden opportunity to upgrade the sound quality.

But I think it would be easier to just extract the hard drive from your iMac G5 (instructions for this should be available from IIRC), put it in an external casing and then attach it to your new Mac. When you first turn on the new Mac, you'll be asked if you have data you want to retrieve from an external HD.

If you've already set up your new Mac, you can still transfer the data from that old hard drive in the external case, you just have to do it manually (not a big deal).

I'm assuming, of course, that the hard drive is still in good working order. If the problem with the old machine really was the logic board, the hard drive should be fine.

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