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IMAC G4-Superdrive burn errors: apple repair or buy non-apple external drive?

May 15, 2008
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IMAC G4-Superdrive error 0x8002006D: apple repair or buy non-apple external drive?

I have an IMAC G4 not under warranty. Superdrive error 0x8002006D. I have Toast. I tried rebooting, software diagnostics, wiping the hard drive, other manufacturer's DVD-R's and CD-R's, reinstalling earlier operating system versions, slower burn speeds, burning with Apple's (non-Toast) software, all to no avail. I went to an Apple store and asked about an external drive but was shown the new external slimbook drive and told that it draws too much power to operate on my IMAC. I see La Cie external drives cost somewhere between $110.00 and $130.00. I'm leery about taking the IMAC in to Apple for repair since they would probably charge ma more than that to fix the drive and all I'd have would be another 4X drive. Externals seem to be much faster these days. I don't know if I have a hardware or software problem but from reading various posts, I cannot find anyone who has found a solution. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.