iMac G4 help



I have a rather interesting project that I'm currently working on. I'm building a PC for gaming and I'm trying to save money as I plan to eventually buy a projector for this PC but I need a temporary monitor solution. I also thought that completing this would be a good learing experience concerning mac hardware. I'm attempting to use the integrated 15 inch LCD monitor of my iMac G4 800 as a monitor for my PC. I've gone inside the computer and have a plan to modify the case and move the monitor connection to the outside of the computer so that I can change computers easily and hook up the PC. There are two problems I am running into though:
1. The adaptor from mac monitor to PC only supports mac monitors with multiscan (or multisync) and I'm not sure if an integrated G4 monitor has multiscan.
2. Powering the monitor. I had an idea to check how the monitor got power by disconnecting the monitor cable inside the computer and trying to start it up. If the light on the monitor came on then I was in business, if now then I had to check with more people. The light didn't come on. Does the imac monitor actually get power from the monitor cable, or is there a seperate source of power? Would it work if I hooked the monitor directly to a PC, or would I need to somehow get electricity to the monitor some other way? I've included links to some pictures down here for a visual reference. If you need any other information I'll provide it.
This is My computer opened up with an arrow pointing to where the second picture is focused on
These are the actual video cables. One coming from the video card (which is built into the motherboard) and one going to the monitor.

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