iMac cosmetic issues

Dec 17, 2009
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I think the cosmetic issues have become a recurring problem with all my Apple purchases.

I bought an iMac last November, and I've noticed several cosmetic defects.

On the bottom two corners (where the glass is cornered next to the aluminum) there are small gap differences.

There is a very small chip on the back hinge behind the monitor.

The hole on the top of the monitor where the webcam goes is off center. The webcam works fine but the actual hole itself is not centered. I already had to bring not one, but two, previous gen iMacs back for various problems and I ended up getting this one a 3rd time due to the fact they had just came out.

I generally get treated well in the Apple store but the engineering of these machines is suspect. The actual operating system and mechanics work perfectly; it's the cosmetic issues that bother me because I notice everything.

Anyone else had these issues?

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