iMac components and European consumer law

Mar 10, 2010
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iMac components and European consumer law

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Around February the 4th this year I discovered that my iMac 24” got kernel panic during the start-up. I goggled the symptom and did the following before I called Apple Care Support.

- Resetted my iMac's PMU, PRAM and NVRAM.
- Did the Apple Hardware Test several times with passed results
- Tried to start-up through TDM (Target Disk Mode) from my Macbook Pro
- Reinstalled OSX through TDM
And the symptom still did occur.

My iMac is purchased from Apple Store (Sweden) and the computer is around 1.5 years old and the warranty has passed. Because of the warranty I wanted to claim my statutory rights as a consumer. I live in Sweden and we got 3 years to make a complaint from purchased date according to Swedish consumer rights.

After a call to Apple Care, the Apple Care person named Andreas wants me to leave the computer to a Apple Authorised Service Provider to make a inquiry of symptom. I did so and the following day the provider calls and informs me that my nVidia video card had broken and Apple has decline the claimed consumer rights repair.

"Repair has been cancelled due to NVIDIA issue are not covered under EU consumer Law. Thank you."
Statement made by Nikila at Apple Service Order Management

After the second call to Apple Care I get connected to a person name Tarek Khader. Tarek Khader wants me to consult a legal represantive that should contact Apple Legal Limited in Uxbridge UK for that reason he or Apple Care can't make statement about this case.

After some calls to the Swedish European Consumer Centre and guidance from them I try call Apple Care again. This time I get connected to Chris Vigil who is a Apple Operations Europe Senior Advisor. He only confirms that my request to complain about the iMac has been denied and there is no motivation according to him for this decision.

So my question is where can I find the documents that tells me about what kind of computer components are and aren't covered under EU consumer law?

PS Sorry for my bad English.

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