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Jan 20, 2012
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North Carolina
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MBAir (2015) OS 12.3.1; iMac (2019) OS 12.3.1
how to transfer data from my macbook to my imac using a IEEE1394 cable

Hello and welcome to the forum! :) Please provide more information about your computers, e.g. model years, type of ports available on each, what kind of data is being transferred, OS X installed, and the nature of your home network (which might be another way to transfer your data).

As to the hardware needed, if your laptop has a thunderbolt port (and I'm assuming you have an older iMac w/ a firewire port), then a cable adapter such as the one below could establish a wired connection - now you'll have to provide more information as asked above as to the best way to get your data from one machine to another? Dave

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