iCloud + multiple devices question

May 4, 2009
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I've done some searching, and I thought I had it figured out...but now I'm questioning myself.

I've got my iPad, iPhone and Mac that I would like to use iCloud to keep in sync. My husband has an iPhone that he syncs to my computer so we can share apps, but all of his other information (email, calendar, contacts) is synced with outlook at work. I'd like to be able to keep sharing apps, but I don't want my calendar, contacts, docs, etc to end up on his iPhone or to mess up what is on his phone. I had thought that this was accomplished by having one apple id that we share, and then having @me.com accounts that were unique to each of us. Is this how it's done, or am I mistaken? If this is how it's done, how do I set it up? I tried to set it up on my iPad with a new @me.com address, but it automatically reverted to my apple id with the exception that under
settings>general>icloud>account it has my apple id as my iCloud account, but down under "storage plan" is now a section called "advanced" and mail is listed with my @me.com account.

Can anyone help me make sense of this?

To summarize, I'd like to use the iCloud to keep my Mac, iPad, and iPhone in sync, while also retaining the ability to let my husband (who will be on ios5) and children (who will NOT be on ios5) share my apps.


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