ibookG4 as router for my pc (win7)

Mar 5, 2010
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Hi all I have a bit of a problem with my setup at my student house.

I have been using my PC via ethernet connection with a very long ethernet cable that goes from the router (upstairs) to my bedroom (downstairs).
Unfortunately due to fire issues, and stuff, my landlord is not happy with the cable dangling about everywhere and wants me to get a wireless usb stick for my PC.

However I am poor and stubborn and want to know if I can connect to the internet wirelessly on my mac IbookG4(which works fine ofc), then connect the mac to the pc with an ethernet cable and sort out some sort of connection which will enable me to connect to the internet on my PC via my mac! ( why not just use the mac? well i want to use my PC for games etc.)

so thats what I need help in doing. it seems logical that its possible, i just dont know how to go about it, please help :)


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