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I was first introduced to apple through the iPod (which is worth every penny, might I add) and I realized that Apple just makes things better. Cheesy adverts aside; I was planning on getting an Apple notebook a couple of months ago (as a present). Now, since I wanted a middle or high-end version (I was going to be using it for at least 3-4 years) the final price was quite expensive. (I know perfection comes with a price… ;))

So I’ve decided to wait until my graduation in summer 2005 to get either an iBook or a Powerbook. I was wondering though, should I wait until September (2005) to purchase a notebook, because Apple seems to announce upgrades during or after Christmas/summer and then release them in Autumn/spring for the same price as the current models.

I know this question has been asked many times before, but I’ll try once more:
Should I get a Powerbook or an iBook?:confused:
I think I will be able to fish up between $1500-2000 cdn. The student discount I can get usually offers 10% off, so I was wondering whether a high end iBook (approx. 1898 w/o tax but with student discount) would be better than a low end Powerbook (same).

I intend to use it during university, so I would like something lightweight and durable (though I don’t plan to be dropping it, I am extremely accident prone.) I’ve heard that the iBook takes better knocks in this division.

I will mostly be using it for word processing, art, and music (Is Garageband good?), but what other software should I order with it, (StudentOffice…etc.), and what does each notebook come with?

How hard would it be to transfer files between a Mac and a PC, as I would need to get files (.docs; publisher) from my old desktop to the notebook. I’ve heard that one of the reasons I should bother switching is that the Mac is not compatible with anything else unless you buy extra software. (Is this true?)
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum...and :eek:
Thanks to every one at Mac forums for their help –this site is extremely helpful.
Dec 28, 2003
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1. Since the iBook and powerbook are both in mid-cycle, it really depends on when you NEED it by, versus when you WANT it by....
2. Again, this is a matter of balances...The powerbook is more expandable, and has a more robust processor...On, the other hand, the iBook is designed for students, and is more durable...(also for the same price as a 12" pb, you can get a 14" ibook)
3. All consumer machines(iBook, iMac, eMac) come with Appleworks.(http://www.apple.com/appleworks/). The pro Machines (Powerbook and PowerMac) do not come with AppleWorks. Either way I suggest ordering Microsoft Office 2004 Student Teacher for the Mac.
4. It is not hard at all to transfer files between Mac and PC. Simply connect either a USB, ethernet, or Firewire cable between the two...
5. Completely NOT TRUE! No matter what, you will have basic "office software"(either Appleworks, or MS Office) and both of them, understand their files even if they are from a PC, and other than those types of files, everything else is pretty much compatible!

Also, don't be discouraged by other people about switching! 90% of all people who say "Macs Suck" have NEVER even used one! They are just saying that out or pure ignorance, since Macs, in no way, suck....

Welcome to the Apple World!!, where the grass IS ALWAYS Greener! :p

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