iBook v. PowerBook recommendations



Hi. I've had my clamshell for three years, and though I love it dearly, it's time to upgrade. But I'm caught between the iBook 14" and the PowerBook 15". I use my computer for very basic stuff-- word processing, burning CDs, wasting time on-line. I also got a copy of Photoshop for Christmas, so I'll be doing some graphics work. And I'll be dragging whatever I buy around with me all the time, so I can't have something that's going to get damaged being carried around in my bag.

So, does anyone have any advice as to which model I should go with? I'd really appreciate it.


well if your like me you can never have enough even if your not going to use it so I say if you have the cash to sling around then get the PB and load it up, but if money is an issue then invest in a iBook they are sweet. Either way you can't loose just depends on how you like your stuff. With the iBooks being G4s now that makes that decision a pretty tough one.


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