iBook Sync Problems between iMac and iPad

Oct 21, 2013
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San Diego
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iMac 27" i7 3.5GHz 24GB 3T Fusion HD - 10.10.2b MBP 13" 8GB, 240GB SSD - 10.10.2b iPad Air iOS 8.1.2
I have my iMac and iPad set to automatically sync music, movies, apps and books in both iTunes and iBooks on both devices. The music, movies and apps automatically sync with no problems. The books will not sync. I know I have sync preferences set up correctly because music, movies and apps sync. I have the machines available and connected to each other under devices. I have iBooks on the iPad set to automatically sync. It just won't sync books.

The books were downloaded on the iMac and strangely they are listed but not downloaded on the iPad and have a iCloud link with a downward pointing arrow indicating they can be downloaded. If I click the cloud, it changes to downloading but never downloads and never stops with an error.

I checked iCloud and there is no book option available to turn on.

Anyone have any ideas I could try to get books to sync?

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