iBook Problem (World Book 2003 Issue)

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It appears that I am having a bit of trouble with World Book 2003. I have only had my iBook G4 for about two weeks now, and just yesterday, (Dec 4th 2003), the World Book program did not want to launch anymore. I tried two things: 1) I tried opening the program from the Hard Disk, 2) I tried opening it from the CD. Both times resulted in faliure. I even consulted troubleshooting and I was instructed to remove the program from my hard disk and re-install the program via CD. Now, even when I put the CD in the drive and open the CD, there is no World Book 2003 icon, there is only AppleScript as well as a few other files. When I try and launch the program from the CD it opens AppleScript also. This is very frustrating because I payed about $2700 for my computer and it is having these flaws and the dang thing is only two weeks old.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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