iBook or Powerbook.... confused!



Hi guys....i'm very confused..i'm kinda short in money.....(like $2,000 only) but i want to buy the best "my budget" can buy........so i've been analyzing this thing......

I'm going to buy a laptop...but i don't really know which one's gonna be "the bang for the buck.... a 12" Powerbook (superdrive 1.33ghz) or the 14" 1.2ghz iBook

Here are the specs:

PowerBook 12" ($1,799)

12.1-inch TFT Display
1024x768 resolution
1.33GHz PowerPC G4
512K L2 cache
60GB Ultra ATA/100
Go5200 (64MB DDR)
Full size keyboard
10/100BASE-T Ethernet
FireWire 400
AirPort Extreme built-in
Mini-DVI out

If i get the 12" PB, i'll be adding 512 Ram (Not from Apple, cuz it's too expensive) so i'll have to add up $129 for Crucial 512 RAM

iBOOK 14" ($1,499)

1.2GHz PowerPC G4
512K L2 cache @ 1GHz
14-inch TFT Display
1024x768 resolution
60GB Ultra ATA drive
Combo Drive
ATI Mobility Radeon 9200
32MB DDR video memory
AirPort Extreme built-in

I'll be adding up, Superdrive ($200 at Apple Store), plu 512 Ram from Crucial ($116 for the iBook model)

So at the very end, i'll have the iBook g4 14"with a TOTAL of $1,815
and the Powerbook g4 12" with a TOTAL of $1,928

Guys...what should i do.... i mean... i dunno....the iBook has a bigger screen (that's good, cuz 12" seems to be kinda Small) but i'll be using it for Internet stuff (downloading music, videos, surfing the net, e-mail) and Office stuff, plus watching movies and recording my videos (i got a digital video camara)

so guys what do you think??

i also would like to buy an external mouse (those laptop pads suck) and the Case. (maybe i can use a little extra money for this), but for the computer, i only have 2,000........so what's the best option??

what's the difference between this two??...is there a BIG dif. in speed?? performance?... which one's a BETTER machine?

i need opinions...because i'm very confused :(
Mar 9, 2004
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I really think the iBook makes a very good value, and a true speed difference is not something you would actually see, I compare at the Apple store often - I would recommend a bit more RAM if you can get it
Jul 21, 2003
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I would personally go with the 14" iBook for a few reasons. I like the larger screen, I like (OK, love...) iBooks in general, it's less expensive, and it comes with some software that I use and enjoy (such as Appleworks & World Book). For your intended uses, I doubt you'll notice a substantial performance difference, but the question of which one is better has a lot to do with how it meets your needs and your budget. In my opinion, the iBook does both of those better for you.


Thanks for the opinion guys.....it's really what i've been thinking.....the iBook seems to fit perfectly.......but i need opinion on the guys who know the Dif. in both type of machines (YOU guys!, cuz i'm BRAND new to this Mac world.....i haven't even been out of the box.....hehe i still have the protective plastiques on :) )

so thanks whiteshark, and Padawan!.............

i would like More opinion guys....so if you can write more...it'd be awesome :D



tough choice...

depends on what you want... i have a 12 inch ibook... and i can tell you, sometimes when you are looking for a laptop, thats exactly what you want.. a laptop...not some monster of a computer.. ya know?

i see some people with these dell's with 17 inch square monitors on them...it looks like they have a desktop in their lap... not really what i personally would be looking for in a laptop

you may like the bigger size...but i prefer smaller actually, when it comes to laptops.... now desktops..thats another story ;)

if you want to know how they will run, i would say they will be fairly similar in speed... depending on ram.. your powerbook will run faster if you want to run games off it... (64mb video)

powerbook is a more sleek design i think... if i could get my ibook to look like a powerbook, i would do it any day! :) they are sexay!

but if you dont have a preference, it wont matter.

-smaller screen (a plus for me)
-slightly faster
-better video card
-thin, sexy, metalic design
-more expensive

-larger screen
-slightly slower
-32mb video card
-white glossy design (eh... ok.. but not my favorite..im really digging their brushed aluminum designs)

mmmmm my gut just goes for powerbook all the time... i would much rather have that... but im a person who likes things that look as good as they perform.. (maybe thats why im an apple user to start)

you wont regret either one... just remember that much

i buy apple products for mainly 3 reasons:
-simplicity in usage
-stability in OS
-power with sex appeal


If i have an iBook (14 inch, 60 gb hd/768RAM) is it possible to run photoshop and/or Flash and Dreamweaver MX? because i make websites, and do some small time graphics...I do all my major stuff like modeling and intense photoshop and flash and dreamweaver and stuff on my awesome PC, but i was just wondering if i could do some small time stuff on an iBook?

I just wanted to know b4 i decide to buy an iBook over a powerbook...(im short on cash... )


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Dec 24, 2002
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pedXing said:
Does the powerbook come with appleworks?
I think of the laptop line, only the iBook comes with Appleworks pre-installed.

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