iBook G4 wont run on battery, even though its charged

Apr 8, 2010
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hello, i just switched to mac a few weeks back, i bought a used ibook g4 12" 1.33 ghz 1.5gb ram bluetooth from craigslist. in the ad, it staed that the battery wouldnot charge and needed to be replaced. BUT after fooling around with it a bit, it says that the battery is 100% charged, and if i take the battery out of the iBook, the green lights come on all the way on the battery itself. it runs fine on the power cord a/c adapter.

the iBook says" battery not charging" but the orange light is on at the plug, and also, sometime i get a green light at the plug. if i unlpug it, it dies instantly. i dont wanna just replace the battery and find out that wasnt it. is the a software jingle i could sing that would magically make it work? what should i check. again, im new, be gentle... use small words with very few syllables :)
Jan 16, 2009
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Tecumseh, Ontario
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I'm sure the ad was telling the truth when it told you the battery had issues. Your best bet is just to get a brand new battery and start out fresh. It isn't anything you can fix with a command. The batteries are not invincible and are under a lot of stress and heat. Once they die, they die.

P.S. Welcome to the forums :) If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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