ibook g4 or powerbook??



I am trying desperately to decide between the 14" ibook 933 (or 1 ghz) or the 12" powerbook. I am a graphic designer and would use it for web and print design. Can someone help me out? what are the differences in performance between the two?


Well the PowerBook has a bigger Cache for one thing, compared to the iBook. It also has more connections for external devices, like DVI and so on. But, when buying the question to ask is : what do I need? I'm a graphic designer as well, and I'm using an iBook 600 MHz system. It's just fine, does it's job fast and easily. It's faster then some of the Macs we use at the agency I work at. I'm doing my print adds on it, and multimedia (animation, flash). If you're going to end up doing more in 3D however, then the PowerBook is for you. Otherwise, an iBook is a good friend. Oh before I forget, PowerBooks are often upgradable (the Processor), not sure about the new ones though. That's a plus for a PowerBook.

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