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iBook G3 700MHz/40GB/640MB/AppleCare for sale or trade

  • Thread starter texaslonghorn34
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I have an iBook G3 that I would like to sell or trade with cash for an iBook G4 or a PowerBook G4 667 Mhz-867 MHz. I can't play any newer games on the G3 processor so I want to upgrade to a G4. The general specs for my iBook are as follows:

14" TFT Display
700 MHz G3 Processor
40 GB Hard Drive
640 MB RAM
OS 10.2 Jaguar
5.9 Pounds
AppleCare Warranty

The iBook is in excellent condition and has rarely left my desk in the year and a half that I have owned it. The battery still hold a full charge since I rarely travel with it. I am a lifetime mac user and take really good care of my computers. With the iBook I will also include Microsoft Office X with the original CD and security key as well as Roxio Toast Titanium 5.2.3 on a burned CD with security key (I misplaced the original). The Apple Care warrany is good until next fall. There are no dead pixels on the display and it has all original discs and parts, except for the keyboard which was just replaced. It is an excellent computer for anyone. With the Hard Drive and RAM maxed out you can store tons of mp3s and make videos. It plays most games before 2004 really well (Warcraft III plays beautifully on it all the time) because now a lot of games require a G4 to play. I accept payment through: Yahoo! PayDirect, PayPal, www.escrow.com, or money order. No other methods of payment will be accepted will be accepted. Buyer pays all shipping (approx. $30 in the US) and transaction costs. You can email me at [email protected] for pictures, more detailed specs or any inquiries and I will be happy to reply. Sorry for the long post and thanks for looking.

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