iBook for video editing?



Hey all! This is my first post on the forum (Hooray!) and it is a very important one, at least for me anyway. I have been a PC/Windows user for years (Sounds familiar huh?) and have, of course, felt jaded by my once beloved OS. I work at a Best Buy and had spoken many times to the Apple rep...at first I scoffed, now I'm extremely interested in purchasing a Mac by the end of the month. So anyway...let me get to the point:

I am intrested in either one of the iBooks or the 12" Powerbook (15" is just too much). I love how both of the machines look, preferring the Powerbook design over the iBook but looks are not an issue to me. it will mainly be used for school, web surfing, some games (The g/f LOVES the Sims), and most likely .MAC stuff (Me and my g/f's web page, sharing photos etc.) But I DO wanna be able to do video/photo editing without the thing grinding to a halt. I like the extra RAM capacity and cache of the PB, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna need that extra speed to do what I wanna do. We're not talking extreme all the time editing, just occasional stuff after special events I can add titles and transistions too and post on the net (or burn to DVD via a firewire drive).

So there's the problem, do you guys (iBook users) think that the iBooks could handle the video editing? I love the portability of 12" and don't mind the screen size, but the processor is slower so I think I might have to do 14". I doubt the speed diff. between the 933 and 1 ghz is a lot though.

I appreciate your guy's help! Can't wait to post pics on .MAC when I get it!


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