ibook and CDR?



G'day guys,

Just want to ask ppl out there who uses the ibook if they have had any trouble burning data onto blank CDRs? I recently tried to burn jpg and mpg files onto a Sony 80min blank CDR but it would always stop burning at a particular point in the burn process with an "unknown error" message and that the cd can no longer be used.
I have taken my ibook back to the place that i originally bought it from and descibed the problem to the staffs. A few hours later i got a call back from them saying that there was no problem with the burner and in fact it was an incompatibility issue with the CDR media i used. They used an Imation 80min CDR.
I currently have the 14in 1.2GHz G4 with combo drive and airport extreme installed...
Does mac, and in particular the ibook, prefer certain brands of Blank CDR media or are the staffs from the store where i bought it from pulling my leg?

= (

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