iBook 600 MHz Battery Problem! HELP!!!!!!!



I have an iBook 600 MHz G3 with DVD and 12" Screen. No matter what OS I use, if 9 or X, the battery indicater reads "No Batteries 'Available" and marks the battery symbol with a black X. The battery itself is fully charged, as it indicates when the pressing the button on it. Occasionaly the iBook will start charging (as seen on AC cable, an orange glow), but still doesn't recognize it in the operating system. Sometimes the iBook will work without the power cable plugged in, and sometimes it won't. What can the problem be, and how can I fix this??? Battery Updater did nothing for me from Apple, still the same old message! Please help!!!


iBook battery problem too

I have a 2 month old 900mhz G3 iBook with similar battery issues. Beginning about a week ago, even when fully charged the indicator would show only between 95% and 99%. Then 2 days ago, the battery icon appeared with an "x" within it, and when clicked on, the message "No batteries available" appeared grayed out. However, the battery seemed to still have some charge. I have installed the battery update, removed and reinserted the battery (a couple f times) but it still doesn't seem to hold much charge (if any).

I hope this is just an easy fix and any help would be appreciated.


I am bumping up this topic because I am having the same problem as mattzimmerman. ibook g3, 800 megahertz.

after returning to my computer (charged with plug) after being away from home for two days, it does not acknowledge the battery, i.e. "batteries not available", even though the battery IS there (though with strangely 0% battery life). when i left, it was running on 99 - 96% battery life (it would only hit 100% if i drained it a lot and then recharged) and was plugged in so the ibook shouldn't have had to depend on the battery. there has been no power shortage here because all the timed electronics I have around the house are still at the accurate time. anyone know what i should do? please? in searching for a solution i have found lots of info about the faulty motherboard though i don't know if this is a symptom of the same problem or something entirely different.



Same Thing

I have been having the same problem (described below) for quite some time. Can anyone offer help?

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