I have completely lost my wifi...

Sep 25, 2014
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I'm Christophe, I've a MBP 2011, I have my first real problem since I bought this computer and (of course) my applecare ended this july.

I know I'm not the first guy who have a problem of wifi but my problem isn't so simple and I don't know how to solve it. I already read a lot of posts on different forums but I didn't find anything. I'm not a complete noob, I usually find solutions by myself. But not this time... I already reset the PRAM, the SMC, I restore a Time Machine back up, I prayed. Nothing !

In fact, I completely lost my wifi device. The wifi icon, in the right top corner indicatided a cross and when I put my mouse on it, it tells me there no wifi devices device.
In the preferences, on the left I've lost the wifi and when try to creat a new one, I can't choose "Wifi". There are ethernet, thunderbolt, firewire... bur no wifi.
At the begining, my wifi device lost his MAC adresse. I think it began with a virtual box and a windows in it. It can be a way of reflection. It's possible that, this f..king soft change some parameters (because it did it for other stuffs) and kill my wifi. But, i'm not sure. maybe it's just a coincidence.

Before go to the apple store, and lost my money, can you tell my what you think about that. maybe you have a solution.

Thank you for reading.


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Jan 23, 2008
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Let's check something first:

Open your System Information.app (Applications, Utilities, System Information.app) and scroll down to the "Network" entry. Click on it to expand it. Now click on "WiFi".

You should see an entry for "interfaces". That's where you will find information for your Airport card. Let us know if it shows information or if the entry is missing.

And Welcome to the Mac Forums.

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