I Feel Like I Have Resurrected Dial-Up...

Apr 1, 2010
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Please, I beg of anyone who reads this to offer your advice. I have a Black Mac Book, purchased June of 2008, and as far back as I can remember, my wireless connections have been decent at best. I figured that it must have been my router, or some outside factor, but my roommates all get solid connections, and my one roommate, who also has a macbook, gets a solid connection 10 feet from my room.

For months, I have been painfully searching forums for a solution, but it seems as if no one has a solid solution. Here is a typical walkthrough of my annoyances of my wireless:

-I open my Macbook, airport on, and no immediate connection is made even though I have my preferences set to auto.

-I wait until my wireless network appears, and when I click on it to connect to my network, it does nothing, then it seems to idle with the loading symbol, and then returns to no network selected.

-I then try and open up my Network Preferences and select my network. However, when I select my network from the drop box, it loads and loads and loads, and then finally stops, shows my network name on the drop box, but has no connection. I then click on the drop box, which still shows my network name, but when I click, my network disappears, and it shows that I never even connected. I attempt this maybe 10-15 times, and sometimes I will get lucky and connect.

-Though my airport shows all four bars when I connect, it quickly drops to either two or one, and I can barely open up a simple page such as Google.

-I have also been at my girlfriend's apartment, and while she is connected to her internet, I will be two feet from her trying to connect to the same internet, and I'll only get a couple bars.

Please, whatever advice you have, I will take. I'm sick and tired of coming home from class, trying to get on the internet, and playing around with this crap for about a half an hour before giving up.

Also, if you have any other suggestions besides taking it in to the Apple Store, that would be great, because I have no car here at college to get me anywhere near an Apple Store.

Thank you all for your help.


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