I am Worried

Feb 18, 2007
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Calgary, Canada
I am starting to worry about my iMac Core Duo.

Recently the display has been going to sleep (set to go after 20 mins) but when I come back and move the mouse hit the keys press power button, nothing happens and I have to resort to holding the power button down, this has happened about 3 tims now and I am wondering if there is a Kernel Panic occuring while the display is off. I had a kernel panic that I saw about 3 hours ago and i wasnt doing anything. My computer hasnt been upgraded and I have usually only been running safari when it happens. Help.


Have you installed any software around the time these kernel panics started to happen? Did you change anything on your Mac just before?

Have you added any RAM recently? If so, make sure it is well seated in the slot.

If not, insert Apple's Hardware Test in the optical drive (it's on one of the CDs or DVDs that came with your Mac) and restart, holding down the D key. Run the test in extended mode. The test might not find anything if the problem is intermittent though.

Report back.


It should be in the kit you got with your Mac. Either DVDs or CDs. If you only have one DVD, it should be on it. The key you hold down on restart tells the Mac what to open.

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